Image of the week is back and Larry has passed on the adjudicator role to me… so make sure you send all bribes in the form of baked goods to me now. This weeks winner is Kenneth Rajspis with this wonderfully cryptic image “xray 8x“. The excellently executed details draw you in. The crispness of the fly features along with the wispy smoke and skull elements makes your brain try to comprehend the image, but in the end you just have to appreciate the there is more here than meets the eye. Well done Kenneth!

In case you didn’t know it before, you will see that I am varied in what I like… going from a darker more macabre image to this beautiful display of color and composition. Rog Sphar gives us “Tulip Blossom” that is a riot of warm color. As we have talked about over on the Grid… everyone has seen a million flower images, so if you are going to take flower photos… try to grab a new view or angle. This shot is more about color and rhythm than about a single flower, and that is why it grabbed my attention.

There are certain images that make you want to know more about the story… they make you want to dive into the image and know what is going on and take part in whatever happens next. Theron “Ed” Mays gives us “Merchandise” and I am immediately wanting to know more… wanting to sneak behind the counter and see what else is going on and have a conversation with this wonderful woman that has wonderful stories to tell. When you can instantly start to build a story in your head from the image, that is a good sign that there is something more than just a snapshot going on.

Speaking of stories… 360Kim360 gives us an image straight out of a storybook called “A Walk on the Wild Side“and the viewer is excited to turn the page to find out what is next… Kim creates a fun and wonderful fantasy landscape where giraffes and lions are cool to walk with in the gown you took from Esmerelda from Bewitched. :D Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Technically she has done a really good job bringing in the various elements and making them fit together as one cohesive unit. Fun image… well done!

Ok, so by now you probably know that I like to see well done composites… and this one lands in that category. Pete Hernandez gives us “Spy in the Sky” and everything is put together really well. From the expression on the face of the spy to the depth of field of the glass shards… there is so much to look at and grab your attention, you feel like you have come across a movie poster or a still frame from an action movie. One of the things that makes composites really effective is when they can put you into a different angle or perspective that you wouldn’t normally find yourself, and aside from that weekend in Bogota, I have never found myself in a situation like this. Great job Peter!

Well there you have it… a new round of image of the week…

I promise that every week won’t be so composite heavy, but these were the images that stood out to me. So don’t forget to post into your portfolio and I will see you back here again next week. Oh… PS… Photoshop Fun Contest starting up again on Monday… spread the word! :D

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