Steve Augulis receives top billing this week with his image “Infinity…sort of.” I really like the fun and kooky-ness of this image… the lighting and expressions are wonderful. Creative thought and probably too much time on his hands give us a great image… the hair doesn’t hurt either. :D Steve keep up the good work!

 Speaking of great faces… Beth Lowe captures such a sweet portrait of here greyhound Niecey “Laying in the Dirt.jpg” Sometimes the most simple images are the most profound. There is such a serene happiness to the dog and the image, it just makes you want to lay down and listen to her contented breathing and maybe take a nap along side her. I find myself wanting to just go hug Niecey and that is what we are trying to do with our images… elicit emotion and connection with the viewer, and this one does it well. Way to go.

Sherrie Stambaugh gave us “A weird day.jpg” as part of the Photoshop Challenge that I am running weekly here, and this one just has a subdued epic-ness to it that makes me want to go in on the journey. The muted tones and composition of the elements all work very well together to help draw the viewer in. I really love the bird elements and how they create a sense of reality and a bit of mystery. Nice work Sherrie.

Monument Valley B&W” by Paul Bartell is full of texture, lines and drama. The sweeping of the clouds mirrors the curving of the sand as the rocks thrust upward in between. This high-contrast image fits well with the starkness of the environment. I like the processing with just a subtle vignette to help frame the image and keep the eye in the main area… Great job Paul.

Allen L. Auvil gives us a unique image called “Resting.jpg” and I am drawn to its ethereal feel. The combination of the lone bird along with the textured overlay give it a sense of mystery as if we have crested a hill and have spotted this bird sitting in a tree in front of a large cloud of spray from a giant waterfall. Or at least that is how I see it, and since I get to judge this week, that is my story and I am sticking with it! :D Very nice image Allen.

So there you have it, the top five images from this week. Just a heads up, your odds of getting picked are up because the number of images submitted to portfolios is down, so take advantage of that and post some of your best stuff this week, and maybe you will see one of them highlighted next week. Oh… and have fun!

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