First tell me a little bit about yourself. 

I live on Vancouver Island and I’m a Police Officer with my Police Dog, Endo.  I got into photography about 7 or 8 years ago, after my wife bought me a Canon Rebel.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  Besides taking photos I also train and compete in Dog Sports.  Naturally, my photography  gravitates towards  dogs.

You recently won a Guru award, what was that like? 

Winning the Guru award was an unbelievable experience.  I was very excited to find out I was a finalist and when it was announced that I won, I was thrilled.  I don’t think I can accurately describe the feeling of having your work recognized in Photoshop World.

What made you decide to enter?

I knew about the Guru awards and when I decided to attend Photoshop World I just went for it.

Tell me about the image. How and why you created it.

This is my old girl, Hayley.  This idea was in my mind for a while, and after a little planning, I set out to try and capture what I had envisioned.  I took a small aquarium and placed it on a back drop and filled it with water, carefully removing any stray drops of water on the glass.  I positioned a speed light  on both ends of the tank facing in and then placed the ball in the bottom of the tank.  Now that the easy part was done, I brought Hayley in the room and showed her the ball.  While she sat beside the tank I got ready with my camera and then told her to get it.  Remarkably it only took about 8 shots to get the final image.   However, there were several other dog models used, with various other props.  I also got a photo of a dog foot hitting a ball in water, and a German Shepherd trying to grab a rubber duck! Fortunately we have many dogs, so I’m never short of willing models.

What tools did you use? 

I use a iMac as my computer and have Lightroom and CS6.  I tweaked the image in Lightroom (white balance, contrast, etc.) then moved it to photoshop,where I did my slight cropping as well as saturation and some cleaning up of the image with the healing brush. 

Do you have any other images similar that you would be willing to show us as well?


Where would you like your work to take you in the future? Vocationally or Artistically.

My goal is to be a  better photographer, and to continue  growing and learning.  I will keep pushing myself to take interesting and unique photos. Hopefully as my body of work gets noticed I will be able to do more and more with my photography.  It has truly turned into a passion that I spend all my free moments thinking about.

Final comments?

I’ve combined my love of dogs, and my love of photography.  There merge of the two is something I’m passionate about, and am able to take images that are exciting for me.  Photography shows my unique little moments in time that I find interesting.  Most of my work is 80% thinking and creating in my head, and then 20% actually doing.  When my imagination and planning produce what I had envisioned it is very rewarding.

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