One of the things that I would like to do with this inspiration section is to showcase and interview various folks from the creative fields of graphic design, digital art and photography. However I don’t just want to highlight just the folks that I know about… for that pool of people would be small and only inspiring to a certain section of you. I want to have this be a tool for inspiring the greater majority of folks here that regularly visit the site. With that in mind I thought I would ask you guys and gals to let me know who are some of your favorite folks that you would like me to showcase and/or interview. This will give you a chance to share with us some of the folks that you have discovered and in return maybe get  to know someone new that is the spark to get you going in a new direction. So in the comment section, feel free to leave names of artists etc… that you would like to nominate for a spot  in these inspirational posts. To be honest,  I am doing this selfishly because I am excited to see who you will send my way. So if you have a photographer that really speaks to your heart, or a graphic designer that just blows you away, or a digital artist that creates truly incredible imagery… I want to know who they are so that I can share them with the rest of the NAPP’ers out there and we can all be inspired by the wonderful creativity around us.



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