Peter Hernandez creates a great image of how we all feel at times… oh who am I kidding… we feel like this most of the time. “Quota Crisis” is a seamless image that has great emotional and visual impact. The blending of the water and the room is really well done. Just a few simple elements put together in a very effective way. Great job on the creativity and post-processing. Top spot this week!

  Russ Elkins has some amazing portraits in his portfolio, and this one “***” draws us in with wanting to know more about the man, the face and the hands. Beautiful black and white treatment that really helps focus on the man and the years he carries with him. There is a sense of intimate despair and at the same time a peak into the dignity and worth of this man. So often street photography can be about collecting neat images, but I think Russ has done a good job of giving the subject honor and the care he deserves. Great shot.

 John Mattatall carries on the black and white section with a beautiful scene titled “**” (funny coincidence I guess if you title your image with asterisks it must mean it is good. :D). Leading lines…check. Silky water and cloud movement… check. Rich tones and great detail… check. Yep, this an image that is well composed and well processed. This is a rich image… in tonal quality and composition… a definite keeper!

 Greg Anthony is starting to bug me! He keeps creating great images on a weekly basis and is making me have to up my game over at the Photoshop Challenge. :D This image started with the plane that I gave the folks, and he cut it out and then went about constructing this whole environment around it. His details and lighting are spot on, and now I have to try to think of something even better to stump him next week. Phenomenal work Greg.

 Shantha Marie Fountain gives us a slightly retouched self-portrait. :D “Welcome to Sin City” is a fun graphic twist to a normal selfie. I always love to see folks experimenting with self-portraits because it shows a boldness and a willingness to learn and grow. Shantha used the imfluence of Sin City for her process, and I love the half-tone effect and the pop art feel. It is “spot” on… (OK, I will personally beat myself up for that one… sorry!) Keep up the great work!

So there you have your top five images of the week as chosen by me. I have had a few folks ask me how to take part in the image of the week, and the easy answer is to just upload images to your portfolio. I go through all images posted in the last week and choose my favorites. Just that easy. So each week if you have put anything into your portfolio then you are in the running.

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