It is Friday and that means Image of the Week! It also means that I am going to apologize ahead of time for my bad puns that I feel waiting to spring forth in my write up… so now you have been warned… on with the images!

Brian Rodgers Jr. serves up a splash of visual goodness this week with his image “Smirnoff_splash_bdr2014.” Brian is a regular to image of the week with his consistent top notch work. This image can hold its own with just about any commercial product shot. A combination of great photography and post processing creates a dynamic drama with something as simple as a bottle and some water… showing that it is creativity and execution that wins the day. I raise a glass in salute of your craft. Cheers!

Philip D plays it cool with “R&B Man.” Everything about this image says cool and mellow and fits so well together, you can almost hear the jazz playing in the background. The lighting, the expression and the bokeh are all spot on. If I had to use another descriptive word, it would be crisp… everything is in place and there is a richness to each part of the picture. My hats off to you!


Roy O’Brien wakes us up with “Zion-Morning-.jpg.” The dynamic clouds, the colors and the angle of light make it a winner in my book. The composition is not just haphazard, the lines and terrain all work to draw our eye downstream and deeper into the image. Heavens knows it is good. (OK, that was a bit of a stretch… you see Zion can be paralleled with heaven… oh dang it! if I have to explain it, then it wasn’t very good to begin with… nothing to see here… just move along.)

Christine Moody gives us the bird with “Queen” but then what do you expect with a bird’s nest for a crown. This fashion image does a great job in causing the viewer to stop and pay attention to everything going on in the image which equals success. I really enjoy the lovely weirdness of this image and I am sure others will be Raven about it. Great processing and composition.


Jeff Signorini keeps us abreast of things with “Mt. Moran Sunrise from Oxbow Bend.” Now I must admit I am a bit biased in that I love Jackson Hole personally and I have stood on the same spot… however I didn’t get as nice a shot as this. The lighting, clouds and mirror-like water all come together to make this a wonderful image. Great job in keeping our eyes titillated!

Great job everyone, and remember all it take sot be in the running for image of the week is to upload images to your portfolio. Every Friday I go through and choose my favorites and next week it could be you… so get busy shooting, processing and designing and let’s see what you can come up with. Have a great weekend!

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