This week’s winner is “Natasha” by Johnny Gregg. He posted quite a few really nice portraits and this one was my favorite. the lighting, expression and processing of the image all come together to create a wonderful image that makes you want to know the rest of the story. Why is she out in the snow? Is she in trouble? In a hurry? These are questions that come quickly to my mind that make me want to interact with the image to try to glean more information, and that is the sign of an image that can hold the viewers attention and better still, stir the imagination. Well done Johnny.

David Kosmin uploaded a whole batch of wonderful product images that you should definitely check out to see how to handle commercial product imagery. This image with the snazzy name “HomePage_GZip.jpg” is just so crisp clean and compositionally well done I knew it was a winner from the thumbnail, and when I clicked into the image it didn’t let me down. Great lighting, excellent handling of the product and no spots or dust to distract… Very nice!

Well now if you want a funny, creepy really neat image, then sempermarine has an entire collection of really fun and well done portraits. I choose this one because it is seamless in its integration and yet quite disturbing in how you almost feel as if you know that person. :D His images are like a wonderful train-wreck that you can’t stop looking at… and I mean thank in a great way. You find yourself staring and saying…”Dang he did a good job, but I feel a little creepy” :D

Janine Smith is a restoration master and she has a collection of images that she has rescued in her portfolio. I went back and forth as to which image to promote here since there are some great ones, and I decided to go with this one, no only because of the restoration, but also because of the loveliness of the subject. I almost chose the other image of the woman that had even more damage done across the face, but in the end this image spoke to me more. Really great work Janine!

Last but not least I had to make sure to get a really well done composite in here…Mark Palmer aka marsvision gives us a little bit of gore with “Doctor” and is will take the creepy factor from sempermarine and crank it up to 11. Great treatment of the blood and other elements to fit seamlessly into the image. If any of you remember RC’s nurse image, this would be a perfect complimentary piece. One of the biggest keys to a successful composite is when nothing jumps out as “fake” and Mark did a fabulous job making it all work. Way to go Mark!

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