Just back from Photoshop World Atlanta and was loaded down with great images this week… great job guys!

Alan Flinn took top billing with a great illustration “Cowboy” as part of his “Very Bad People” series. Character, color and composition all lead to a wonderfully put together image. The prototypical baddy is full of grit and panache… (Yes I am working through the letter P in the thesaurus. :D) I really like the color pallet he used to give this a feeling that it could be part of a wanted poster or just as easily a giant art deco or pop art poster. Just a fun image. Well done Alan!

Christine Moody makes it onto the podium with her portrait “IngaLisa.” What makes this image stand out is the lighting and post-processing. The model’s skin is clear without becoming like a plastic mannequin. You can tell this was a predetermined shoot and I like that she included all of the participants. I even love the shout out to the provider of the dove. So if you are wanting to do more portraits and fashion… you will give yourself a big step up if you have help… especially a stylist. Great job Christine!

Edouard Montfort gives us a mystical image called “Poetic Nature.” He has two images in this mini-series and I like this lighter more ethereal version. It has a dreamlike children’s book quality to it. There is a feeling of sublime loneliness to it. Great work with the processing and adding the leaves, especially that last one on the right draws the viewer into a sense of “what is to come?”

Steven Henning takes a beautiful lansdscape called “Sunrise Sedona Airport Vortex.jpg” and also wins the longest title award for the week. What I love about this image is the inclusion of the person to guide us into the image and have us want to sit and meditate right there with him. The image would have been very nice without him, but he helps the picture make it to the next level. The processing is spot on and the lighting is wonderful.

John Maynard let’s us know it is Miller time… er Baltika time with “Baltika-Lager.jpg.” The image is clean and crisp which is what I envision the beer taste like… which is what a good commercial image should do. The lighting on the bottle is well done to focus on the label and the raised lettering on the side… and that is not just a happy accident. Well thought out and executed John.

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