Well it was a quick turnaround this week due to Photoshop World, but there were some really lovely images that made it into folks portfolios this week, and yes I do realize that I am a little portrait heavy today, but these are the ones that grabbed my eye. Also in the spirit of pushing us all to grow and get better, i am going to add a little tweak or idea that I would like to see in each image to take it to the next level… this is not to prove how much I know, but rather to give an objective eye and let you know my thoughts. Take them for what they are worth and if you think they are crap…consider the source… you are probably right.:D

Mark Ford takes top honors with this lovely portrait titled “Emily King.” The eyes, the expression and the processing all draw the viewer in. As Peter Hurley talked about in his class last week… she owns the camera. It is just a wonderful portrait. Two quick things that I would suggest in post Mark… darken up or remove both the tire rim and the bit of leg in the bottom right corner, since the eye is drawn to the lightest parts of the image… these two bits pull our attention away from the face/eyes… but even with that, this image is great!

Steve Augulis sneaks back in here with with his image “Peeker.” This image raises a lot of questions… and that leads to interest for the viewer. Where is he? What is he trying to find/see? Is he being funny or dangerous?. Usually we want to see the eyes of the person, but this image wins by the very nature that we can’t see his eyes and so much is left to the imagination. I just keep looking at the image and creating new stories or surprises that he is walking into. On top of all that the lighting and composition are spot on as well. Look at how the light works across his back and then the rim light on his cheek… well done Steve.

 Christine Moody makes it back in with another “IngaLisa.” And in this one, she gives us another look at the model with a different spin. I mean she had me at goat in a hat. The lighting is nice and soft and the staging is really well done. The only nitpicking I would do here is that I wish the bottom suitcase wasn’t cropped off… just a little more room on the bottom would help to avoid some visual tension that is happening where the corner of the suitcase meets the edge of the picture. But, overall another fun and wonderful portrait.

 Peter Hernandez jumps back in here with another wonderful composite called “Day Dreamer.” The lighting and the mood all work really well together to give a light ethereal feeling to the image that fits the title. It feels like an oil painting where she has just come to life and it has a very romantic feel to it. Nice work with the grass brush to help plant her into the scene. (see what I did there with grass and “plant” :D) Peter knows his way around Photoshop and how to seamlessly work elements together… checking out his portfolio would not be a bad thing if you want to see some excellent work.

Chuck Uebele fits in the portrait category with his camera portrait called “Old School.” You will be able to read in his description how he stacked multiple images together to create the final result. The main thing for me is that it is a simple but elegant image that has a wonderful depth of field with an intriguing subject. There is something wonderful about these old machines that makes them working works of art. Little nitpick… maybe clone out some of the spots and don’t crop out the bottom front… but give it a little room to breathe.

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