Glyn Dewis brings us the top image this week with Country Bouquet. Now I am going to pull back the curtain here and let you see a little bit of my thought process. I really like Glyn as an artist and a person, and as I was looking at his images that he posted this week, I liked them, but I tend to judge our instructors a little more harshly than others and rightly so in order to let new folks have a chance and also to keep guys like Glyn humble. :D Well, right after his batch of images there was this beautiful flower image that jumped out at me and I thought it was such a wonderful image… only to be shocked to find out that it was Glyn’s as well. :D You see we tend to bring our preconceived ideas into the mix when we think about a person and their work…and that is usually an effective way to operate. However, this image was not at all what I was expecting that I found myself having a new respect for Glyn and his work… and I already really liked the guy. I hope that makes sense… he surprised me and yet that shouldn’t have been surprising since I know he to be a very creative craftsman. The top nod is not only for the exquisite image with its perfect processing and look, but for also reminding me to not get complacent in how I view others… and hopefully that will help me to keep encouraging other to grow and learn. I hope that makes sense. His image woke up my heart and that is about the biggest compliment I can give him. Thanks Glyn.

Victoria Pavlov gives us a “Beauty Session” and delivers a wonderful portrait that is both beautiful and different. The lighting is spot on, but it is the makeup and the processing that make the image stand out. The eyes captivate and the unique look of the make-up and styling give it that extra something that makes it memorable. If you are shooting portraits, it is all about the eyes, and these eyes are really beautiful. Well done Victoria. One little nit-picking would be to watch out for little fly away sections of hair. Just a couple quick hair wrangling would leave this image with nothing to tweak. Stunning image.

Speaking of trouble… Robert Vanelli of the East Cost Vanellis’s brings us this powerful portrait called “Viking.” Here is a stark contrast to Victoria’s portrait in where her’s is soft and feminine, Vanelli’s is Gritty and masculine. Which is weird, because if you know Vanelli, he is such a soft guy! :D What I love is in the info at the bottom he lets us know that he snarled at the guy and got that look in response. Vanelli gets it, that a portrait is about expression and creating a link between the viewer and the subject and so he didn’t just snap a picture, he created a feeling. Where Victoria’s image brought a peaceful soulfulness, his brings a sense of power and confrontation. The dark processing and sharpness add to the look of the image and I find myself wanting to see more expressions from the viking, all while standing safely behind Vanelli. And in a sense that is what we get to do in this shot… safely observe something that could be dangerous. Great job buddy!

John Maslowski got up early to capture the image “Almost Angels” and I am glad he did. Often times that is the difference between getting a good shot and a great shot. John got up early because there are less people to deal with early in the morning in Atlantic City… go figure. The leading lines, the watery reflection and the light rays all give something extra and create a wonderful feeling of coming across a magical scene… even though it is ordinary in that we know that this placeth is there to be seen everyday, it feels special. I also hope the light ray coming from the upper right was intentional because it draws the eye into the image and gives a dynamic that would be sorely missed if it wasn’t there. Very nice image John.

John Maynard bring us another image that gets a nod this week with “Lumos-Electric-Cycle.jpg” and it also got my 8 year old son’s pick for his favorite this week. Although to be fair, he didn’t care about anything else besides the fact that it had a motorcycle in it… but hey you take it where you can get it I always say. :D Like last week, John has a grasp on creating crisp images that highlight the product. The Lumos is well showcased, and the lighting and handling of reflections on it are right on the money. The only little tweak I would look at would be the way the composited background interacts with the bike in terms of  it’s lighting and maybe the bolts on the doors that are slightly out of round from squeezing them to make it fit. But that is just a slight tweak and overall it is another wonderful image.


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