This week’s winner is Roger Merchiers who gives us this wonderful intimate moment “M&J26-2.jpg.” The tones are rich and the emotion and intimacy of the couple are obvious. The way he is looking at her and she is smiling at him is such a special moment that is captured beautifully. It makes us feel privileged to be able to peak in on a moment that is really all about those two people enjoying the company of each other. Perfect!

Mike Ricciardi has staged and executed (sorry for the pun) a stunning image called “Toast!” This is where a great idea takes a lot of work to pull off, but when it does come together it makes a great image. The frozen action and the ubiquitous placement of toast everywhere creates a fun environment to be able to laugh at kids getting electrocuted. Fun shot very well done Mike!

Daniel Lynch has some wonderful images in his portfolio, but “Pipe” was my favorite this week. Street photography is all about catching the action and emotion of the moment and being able to see into a world that is happening around us, that may not necessarily involve us. The expression of the pipe smoker combined with the implied interaction of the dark figure on the right has the viewer wanting to know… “what happens next?” and that draws you into the story. Really well captured!

Timothy Tichy keeps the time with “Diesel Big Daddy Square Chrono.” Watches are really hard to light and capture well because of all of the reflective angles and contrasts. There is a richness of tone and detail that really makes this watch seem to give off the impression of quality.Timothy has lit this watch perfectly and given us a crisp dynamic product shot that any watch manufacturer would be happy to have. Very nice Timothy!

Sempermarine has a wonderful style and whenever he uploads a new batch of images there is always a tough decision of which image to promote, and this week was no exception…”Conscious” ended up winning out, but make sure to look at his other images. Sempermarine takes self-portraits that carry the emotions and I think it is the eyes that do it. Yes, the lighting and ideas are fun or serious, but it is the eyes that convey the message and pull you in. Keep working your craft, because your work is beautiful… and disturbing sometimes… but always in a good way.

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