Image of the Week this week goes to Dan Makolondra with this beautiful shot “RMNP 4-14” The idyllic scene combined with his soft ethereal processing gives this image a painterly quality to it that makes me feel serene and at the same time jealous that I don’t live in the Rockies with Dan. The image has beautiful color as well as leading lines, but most importantly it is creates a sense of peace in the viewer and that is wonderful. I could see this being the cover of a children’s book or hanging as a really large print…Great job Dan!

Neal Swanson brings us a fantastic black and white titled “Alabama Hills Sierra 4 x 56 fb.jpg” and it just about took top honors this week. I love the tones and textures and depth of this image. Neal has several really well done images that let me know that he can craft a lovely black and white image… that goes beyond just desaturating out the color. What I like about this image is that you can almost hear the solitude and maybe even a distant echo of a gun fight… there is something almost otherworldly or deep about this image. Translation… I like this image alot. Well done Neal!

Brian Rodgers keeps showing off his technical skills with “Speakers Hero Shot” which is on the one hand just a couple of speakers, but then you start to peel back the scene and you realize the amount of work that went into setting up the lighting and processing the image so that it is flawless. This is one of those images that you know didn’t just happen, but was rather crafted and you can tell by the composition and angle of the image and the way the light caresses the objects which all give the speakers a sense of being the “hero” of the scene. That is part of what I hope you will see when you look at an image like this… an infused excellence that comes from the photographer practicing his craft well. Nice job Brian… again. :D

Sherrie Stambaugh created “The Fighter” as part of my Photoshop Pixel Fight Club challenge and it was a great image for that contest, but it was also a lovely image on its own. Sherrie has a unique style and a wonderful sense of drama that she infuses into her composites. There is a sense of wanting to know more of the story and walk along with the characters as more wonderful events take place. Often her images remind me of a scene from an epic tale and I am being invited to join in the quest. The processing of the elements and the color treatment are all spot on and leave only the impact of the image without distracting. Bravo Sherrie!

Darren Elias gives as a little pun with “Pier into Fog” and to be honest when I first looked at it I was like… ok another pier image. Which as most of you may know there are a lot of pier images out there. So what grabbed my attention for a second look? There is such a wonderful level of tonality and texture in the wood, the waves and the sand along with the softness and etherealness of the light created by the fog that you can spend quite some time just letting your eyes roam around the image. Darren has shot and processed this image so that there isn’t a bad spot that sticks out and leaves you will a little disappointment, and that is often what happens in many a good image. There is some little part that distracts or detracts and leaves you with just a little after-taste that steals a bit of the images thunder and wow factor. There is none of that here, and in a image that has so many parts and corners and elements to it, there is ample opportunity to miss something and have a bad area. Darren nailed it and that is why this pier shot stands out to me. Way to go Darren.

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