Mark S Johnson takes top spot this week with a lovely image titled “Storm-Island-Composite-Version-03-with-Effects.jpg” This image is well put together and gives you a sense of hope and despair… sort of the same way I feel working with Corey Barker. :D The scene illicits emotion and causes the viewer to ponder the meaning and the setting. The heart shape tree adds to the mystery and gives it a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel. Sometimes you see an image and you are drawn to it. This was one of those images this week. Well done Mark!

Timothy Tichy serves up another fine image on classic china called “Zen Tea” The interaction of the china with the flowing tea is very well done and you are left wondering how he pulled that off, which is always a bonus in getting your audience to enjoy and interact with you image. The lighting and staging are spot on, and if I had one little tweak I would like to see, it would be the way the bottom saucer lines up with the edge of the table. Just a little bit of visual tension there that could be fixed by tilting the plate just  a touch more. But, that little thing is overshadowed by the quality of the image. Timothy definitely knows how to shoot and shoot well.

Gary Nicholls brings in the villain with his “Captain Abernathy” the richness of the lighting, the clothing and the post-processing create a wonderful sense of drama and anticipation of what this guy is going to do. the dark background and the handlebar mustache all shout to the viewer to not trust this guy. I also doesn’t hurt that he looks like the love-child of the baddies from Die Hard and Wild-Wild-West. Even without the notes at the bottom referencing Dirk Dastardly, Gary has given us a rich character to enjoy. Great job!

Maria Demartino paints us with pastels in “Spring Glamour.” The soft palette and the soft lighting all lead to a sense of peace and rest that calms the viewer and helps them want to be in that peaceful state as well. Even though the subject is placed on the upper third axis, it is her hands that help draw the eye back into the frame and that creates a lovely dynamic for the image. Lovely image.

Victoria Pavlov gives us another stunning image with “7Anne-R.jpg.” The model is lovely and the processing just helps to bring out the loveliness. High-key lighting and meticulous attention to detail leave the viewer with nothing to distract the eye except for exactly what Victoria wants to show. She understands the importance of the eyes and has them nailed down… (Not literally, that would be bad :D) The sparkle and draw the viewer in. Another thing that I really like about this image is the softness of the hands… a lot of photographers can get caught up in the shoot and not realize that the female models hands should almost always be soft and without tension unless that is the desired effect. Great work Victoria.

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