So this week I had Chris the Intern hanging out in my office helping me with image of the week, and so if any of you disagree with the choices… blame Chris! :D

This weeks image of the week goes to Peter Hernandez for “Beating Traffic.”

 The combination of dramatic imagery along with a well crafted composite made this a winner in Chris’ eyes. The subject matter and the diagonal composition create an instant attraction to investigate further and discover more about the image. It has a bit of a dream like quality to it that makes you want to escape from it all and be in the clouds like the climber… of course from the safety and comfort of your desk. :D Well done Peter.

John Maynard gives us a refreshing “Pellegrino-splash“. The shot is clean and crisp with wonderful lighting of the bottle to contrast the coolness of the labels and liquid. My big question is whether or not this was shot sideways or is it a composite. It is so good, I can’t tell. This follows on Brian Rodger Jr.’s shot last week and it once again shows that excellent product shots are all about the details and the cleanliness of the image along with an eye catching composition. Very nice work John.



Tommy Mitchel’sGame time” was one of Chris’ favorites because he felt it did a great job of bringing out the character of the player. The lighting give this image a sense of seriousness, but it is also an image that any parent would love to have of their child. I like the idea of how this type of image could be recreated with each of the players and different text or graphics applied to the background. It would be a real winner for the team and a great opportunity for Tommy to get repeat customers. Bravo Tommy.

Neal Swanson shows up again this week with another lovely image “barn teton soft composit 6×8 fb” and let me say that I have a soft spot for this area, since I too have been standing out in that field at o’dark thirty waiting for the sunrise… so I can appreciate the capture. On top of that Neal gives such an artistic sense of processing that matches the character of the shot and his border gives the image room to breath and hold its own. Peaceful and beautiful Neal.

Victoria Pavlov gives us a stark beauty with “15-A” She does a wonderful job creating a high-key look and then hits you with the deep dark eyes. the makeup, styling and processing are all spot on and there is nothing out of place. the hard thing about creating a high-key image like this is that you can lose all detail in the white areas, and with this one you still have the sense that there is information and skin there and that she is not just a mannequin. Smoothly done Victoria.

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