GWSchlegel puts us in a New York state of mind this week with his beautiful evening landscape shot wonderfully titled “_MG_6600-Editsharp.jpg.” There are so many things done well in this shot… silky smooth water and a sense of drama with the clouds, along with the leading line of the old pier combine with the wonderfully lit buildings all come together to create a dynamic scene. This shot was no accident… he shot it at the right time of day to get the combination of golden hour and the lights of the building, and he used a neutral density filter to make a longer exposure to create the soft water and cloud movement, and then finally he positioned himself to have a great composition using the foreground elements. Sharp Image!

Dianne Charnosky tackles a nautical theme with “Old Sailing Blocks.jpg” What I enjoy about this image is that the processing matches the subject and helps to convey a sense of age and an emphasis on light and texture. This image has taken a simple set of objects and turned them into a painters still life in a sense. There is an added value and worth to those two objects simply by the way Dianne has photographed them and caused the viewer to take time to appreciate them. Knot bad at all Dianne!  

Nicolas Feret makes me “tired” (ok that was a terrible pun…) with his well done composite “the Bodybuilder 2.” A good composite relies of good elements, and this starts out with a well lit portrait. The light is there to sculpt and showcase the figure which surprisingly looks just like mine. Nicolas then places him into the scene seamlessly and reminds me of  a Joel Grimes portrait. Nice use of the God rays coming in from the top to help add drama and sell the lighting on the figure. Strong image!

Shantha Marie Fountain was no dummy when she gave us “Almost Human #1.” There is something quietly beautiful and yet a bit haunting with this image and it is part subject matter, part lighting and part post processing. It all comes together to create a wonderful image. Great focus and attention to the eyes and execution of the concept with great makeup. The mannequins in the background are recognizable if you focus on them, but otherwise just create graphic light elements that interact with the dark and give a bit of extra drama. Spot on Shantha!

Darren Elias makes me smile with “Francis Rose.” One of the most important elements of a portrait is the interaction of the subject and a sense of connection with them. In this image we really want to know what Francis is smiling/smirking about. We want to be part of the joke or know what is going on with her, and that is wonderful. The expression and the life in her eyes and face become the center of the image and draw us in and have us immediately thinking of different stories that could be going on that cause that smile. Hats off to you Darren!

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