This week Brad Moore helped pick the images, so here are the combined picks of Brad and myself.

Top image this week is by Andrew Hughes with “Secret Garden.” Brad really liked the depth and silky smooth water that gave it a rich serene feel. I agreed with him and in doing so I went with the flow! Great work Andrew!

Warren Stowell gives us a cool portrait titled “Taelynn.”  The fur is a great contrast to the eyes and it causes the viewers eyes to sweep around the face and be brought right back to the eyes. Foxy Lady… ok, I apologize for that one. :D Nice job Warren!

Michael Calascibetta doesn’t harbor any regrets with “evening anchor 2014 second.jpg.” There is action in the foreground, middle and far-ground combined with the ethereal processing makes this one a winner in my book… I didn’t even care if Brad liked it or not. :D Smooth sailing Michael!

Luis Sales tilts us into the win column with “Mini Big Apple.” The key to a good tilt-shift is the right height angle and a little extra saturation boost, and Luis does a great job with both to give us a little bit of a different look to a common scene. Way to shift it into high gear!

Robert Benson spaces out with “Alone with the stars.jpg.” The compositing is well done and the adding of the water was a great touch. Beautiful coloring and composition with lots of positive space… ok, that one was a stretch too…:D Great job Robert!

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