How does Image of the Week work?

Image of the week is chosen from the images uploaded to folks portfolios from the past week. You can look through all of the images by clicking into the Member Portfolios down on the right, and scroll through all the images until you see the previous weeks picks, that will be the pool of images to choose from. Some weeks it is twenty pages of images to choose from, other times it is less than ten. So if you want to be in the running for Image of the week, you have to have put up new images during that week. I will even try to pull someone in to help me pick sometimes, so that there is no undo influence knowing who the contributor is, but the bottom line is that we have to pick the images that we feel are worth showcasing… and some weeks it can be a stretch to find five that are good that aren’t all from the same person or a couple of people… other weeks we have a glut of good shots and it is easier. One of the reasons that some folks keep showing up is that they post weekly and they have consistently good imagery…that is part of the key. If you would like to see more stuff and fresh faces or even your work showcased, then encourage more folks to upload each week with good imagery and work on your craft to make your images stand out.

Now on with the images…

Joseph DiMartino won top spot with his uniquely named image “Untitled.” There is such a story and a sense of “what is happening?” in this image that you are drawn to it. The composition, the texture and the lack of tack sharpness all draw your eye, and the one legged ballerina (my own interpretation) standing next to the headless businessman gives you so much fodder for a great story in your head. This is an image that has you going back to again and again to see if you missed anything or just to enjoy and that makes it a winner. Spot on Joseph!

John Rich lights it up with “I’ve Seen it Raining Fire in the Sky.” John knows fireworks and I love that he used his ground zero opportunity to get a shot that most folks wouldn’t or can’t see. The color, the action and the perspective all come together to make a great image. This is a wonderful moment and the long shutter speed allows for longer trails and a blurring of the figure that give a sense of the extraordinary happening in the ordinary task of “working” even if it is setting off fireworks. Bang on John!

Tim R. Struck takes us back with “Great Scott.” Ok, It is a freakin’ Back to the Future DeLorean with smoke and lightning on an awesome set with water for added umph! As Joe McNally would say… “you want to take more interesting pictures… Get yourself in front of more interesting things.”  Besides the obvious enjoyment and attraction of this car to most guys my age… the lighting and the production value of this image is great. It all feels right and showcases the car very well. Timely image Tim.

Erland H gives it a shot with “GMO.” Well done composite/Illustration. The elements all work well together and my favorite part is the GMO tag that grabs your attention and then the eyes follow the syringe down to the earth and then the lighter colored arc brings your eye back to the tag. I hope that was all intentional, but even if it wasn’t, the end result is that your eye is happy to stay within the image and focus on the important elements that makes the illustration a success. Sharp one Erland!

Alejandro Napoles Avelar wraps things up with “Hopeless.” It is all about the eyes, the expression and the lines of the face that tell a story and make you want to know more and discover more about this person and what is going on as well as what she has seen in her lifetime. The focus is on her and there isn’t anything else going on in the image to distract. It is her, her covering and her hands and in that image there is a sense that she doesn’t have a lot more than that, but also that she has a wealth of history and experience that she could share if someone took the time to listen. This portrait honors her… Well done Alejandro.


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