Sulaiman Almawash leaves us gasping for air with “Fisherman.” This is such a beautiful romantic image that is wonderfully put together with an epic feel. The colors and the harmony of the elements is so well done… the viewer can’t help but feel that they have stumbled into a fairy tale or a mythological event of great significance. This is just such a rich image that captures the heart and the imagination. Top row stuff Sulaiman!

Larry Nicols keeps things afloat with “Marble Boat-Summer Palace-Beijing.” The processing is perfect to give the image a sense of age and history that causes the view to stop and give weight and thought to the subject matter. The composition and the dream-like quality make this image stand out. The soft ripples in the water are a great benefit, if the water was more choppy, then it would have left this image feeling busy or lacking. Way to float your boat Larry!

Robert Vanelli wings it with “Soft Angel.” The high-key lighting and the big blue eyes give this portrait an ethereal feel that draws you in. The look and expression of the angel seem both innocent and perhaps a bit devilish which causes the image to move from just a pretty face to being something that has a story and a question that the viewer wants answered. “Is she really an angel?” and that is very good when you can get that from your model. Heavenly Vanelli!

Darren Elias should be smiling with “Grinning Jade.” Portraits are all about expression and interaction with the model and the viewer and this lady has it in spades. She seems self-confident and mischievous and there is definitely a story going on that you want to know more about. the Lighting and the processing are great and they all lead the viewer to focus on and wonder about what is going on behind those eyes. Jewel of an image Darren!

Matthew Andaluz is a gas with “Aftermath.” This composition has a lot of elements that all work really well together to give the impression of an epic event and the hero emerging from the wreckage. Great job with the birds, the smoke and the flares to give the image depth and drama. I could easily see this being the main image for a movie poster. Smokin’ Matthew!



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