Peter Hernandez wigs out in celebration of the Fourth with “Hearst Castle.” I had RC come in and help with the judging and we both picked this one as the top image of the week. RC was his usually eloquent self when he said… “I don’t know… I kinda like it!” So there you go. :D The compositing is spot on and the attitude/expression of the model makes choosing this a piece of cake. Great job Peter!

Nate_Eight keeps us truckin’ with “Dispersion Skateboarder.jpg.” (the wheel components of the skateboard are called trucks… for those of you playing along at home.) Nate just started posting and his dispersion images are really good, so make sure you check them out and welcome him to the group. Nate has the technique down and it makes for a dynamic image that you won’t get “board” with. Ok, that was a bit of a stretch…sorry! Great stuff Nate, keep posting!

Don Clark gives us an early agent of SHIELD with “Paladin.jpg.” There is an epic quality to this image and a desire to know what happens next and that is what makes the viewer want to invest in the image and be part of the story. Great execution that makes the elements fit seamlessly and causes us to stop in our tracks. Well done Don!

Jason Duchow keeps his eye on the ball with “Austin.” Jason worked the lighting, the angles and the timing to get a great action portrait that is different which will sure to be a winner with the client/family. Since I am so mature these days I won’t even begin to say that it must have taken a lot of balls to get that shot, but in the end your reached your Goooooooooaaaaaallllll! Way to go Jason!

David Honor gives an image that is full of bull in “Yellowstone Past.jpg.” The textures, the processing and the great elements that he put together make a wonderful setting that speaks to the beauty of Yellowstone and reminds us of days past. It just goes to show, if you give David enough rope he will make something worth hanging. (Boy, I can’t tell if that pun is good or bad… I think I need counseling! Or maybe just a refresher course from Larry Becker!) Anyway, wonderful work David!

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