Phyllis Burchett shows us she isn’t horsing around with “Free.” The flying mane, the texture of the body and the slight smile of the horse come together with the well cropped composition and the wonderful texture added to create a dreamy and wonderful shot. It is just such a lovely and rich shot. You won by a nose Phyllis!

 Craig McCormick (no relation to Mia) rocks it with “Landscape of Bow Fiddle Rock.” The contrast of the smooth water and the harsh craggy rocks and the imposing clouds all come together to create a great image. There is something wonderful in all three areas…foreground, middleground and background. Keep fiddlin’ around Craig!

 Russ Elkins causes us to stare at “Southern Comfort.” Russ’ series has so much history and stories in the faces and this is another wonderful example. I had to choose between this and Popeye and even though Popeye was great, this one had more soul to it. The lighting, the details and the interaction are just amazing. The eyes have it Russ!


Joe Kilanowski gets ahead with “Massai #1 Wife.” We have all seen the touristy snapshot of a scene like this… and Joe gives this moment a sense of honor and importance in the way he framed it and processed the image. He honors her and treats her with respect and craftsmanship, and not as just another photo to grab to show that you have been there… done that. #1 job Joe!

 Tim Arroyo gives us a head turner with “Kate.” I went back and forth between this and a couple of other shots of Tim’s so make sure you look at his strange beauty series because there is some good stuff in there. The reason I choose this one is for its subtleness. Perfectly crafted and disturbing at the same time. Masterfully done and spine tingling Tim!

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