This week Jason Duchow takes top honors for his wonderfully lit image “John.”  The balance of ambient light of the sunset with his off camera lighting gives this image a richness that works really well with the pensive look of the model. Way to get in his grill Jason!

Clayton Dewey ironically gives us another “John.” Kinda makes me want to pretend that this is how John looks now and Jason’s image above was when he was younger. :D Great interaction and showing the character of the face. Well done lighting and processing make this image stand out. Very nice Clayton.

George G. Hoffman goes postal with “Photo Restoration- Bridgeport Postal Worker 1902.” First off the restoration is great… the details and coloring are wonderful, but also kudo’s to George for being part of Operation Photo Rescue. He gets my stamp of approval!

Don Turriaga is no less noble with “Untitled.” (it’s a royalty pun…) Rich contrast between the darks and the lights and a great composition pull this image together. There is something for the eye to enjoy in the foreground, middle-ground and background. Way to rock it with post processing Don.

Glyn Dewis gives us “Windows to the Soul (a self portrait).” Sorry Glyn… that is just too easy! Just like with any portrait… the eyes are the key and Glyn nails it. Such detail and soulfulness. It shows us how not to monkey around with shooting animals.

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