George Cannon wakes us up with “Jenna.” There is something lovely and tranquil about this image and it carries a sense of peace that is really nice. The lighting and the shadows really help envelope the subject and help the viewer want to know what she is feeling and why she is smiling. And just remember “No Pane no gain…” ok I really do apologize for that one… Great job George!

Jaqueline C. Verdun gets hopping with “Bold.” Personality needs to come through even with an animal portrait and this frog is giving great action/interest to the camera. The eyes draw you in and the richness and shallow depth of field make it hard to “leave.” No flies on you Jaqueline!

Carol Pearl burns rubber with “Golden Pearl.” I wanted to give kudo’s to Carol for working on her 3D skills and trying new things. Great work with the text and the car… giving Corey a little thank you note in the comments didn’t hurt my decision either. He has done such a great job helping folks get better with 3D. Hot wheels Carol!

David Honor shoots the glasses with “Mona Lisa Smile.” Interaction with the subject can really draw the viewer in and make you want to know more and spend time the image. As Peter Hurley would say, she is owning the camera… David has done an great job with the treatment that I am sure the girl and her parents are going to love. Nat Kind Cole would approve David!

Michael Calascibetta turns the tide with “August Hills Two 8014 matted.”  Michael has such a wonderful blend of colors and composition, his beach scenes are great and that is why he makes it to the top again and again. If you haven’t seen his work, go check out his portfolio. “You shore paint pretty pictures Michael!”

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