Digital artist and editor located in Cleveland, Ohio. I love to create images! Doesn’t matter what the media is as long as its fun. With a background in graphic design, and a fear of fonts, I concentrated on photography and photo manipulation. I use Photoshop because it gives me the tools to create any image I can imagine. I create images because God gave me the ability to do just that and I am always thankful for that gift.

The rest goes like this…I love nature and being outdoors, taking hikes, riding my motorcycle or just relaxing with friends and family. I take on one or two big charity events a year and those keep me pretty busy. Currently I’m training for Bike MS which in very close to my heart.

Winning the Guru Award for Best of Show was amazing! This was my second one, I won one in Vegas 2011 for Best of Show as well. It was a career goal of mine to win a Guru Award, and now to have two of them feels amazing and at the same time extremely humbling.

The piece was a promo for Kalman & Pabst, a commercial photo studio in Cleveland, Ohio. In fact the other Guru Award I won was a promo I did for that same studio. The theme was it’s not always better to go with the lowest price, you get what you pay for. Both images were loads of fun to work on and I had almost absolute freedom to do whatever I wanted. To get the perspective that I wanted for the diner we shot it in sections that I stitched together using Adobe Photoshop. Next each character was put in place and shot separately in the diner. Once I started compositing the image I wasn’t happy with the over all composition so I tightened up the crop and brought everything forward. This was a tough decision because it meant selecting the front characters and scaling each of them to match perspective, but in the end it was worth every hour. Finally we shot the mice in the studio, which was a really fun day and then released the mice back to nature.

For technique, I like to consider myself a pixel pincher. I will zoom in as much as needed, sometimes 500, 600 percent or more, to sample a color for painting or grab a clone source sample. I love making sure that pixels blend together and I feel the only way to ensure an image will look great is to keep zooming in and out to ensure that all the tones are blended just perfect. Also, I love the brush engine and creating my own brushes, there is something organic about creating a brush with some texture or noise and making it perform just how you need it to that I enjoy. Sometimes it’s much easier to just create a brush or design a new brush preset then to shoot something new.

I can’t share the images because I don’t have portfolio rights, but I can say and you can print my client list. Little Tikes, Smuckers, Vitamix, Big Boy, Moen, Bruegger’s, Nestle, and agency work. I work on a lot of food images, but I enjoy working on compositing with people more.

I wanted to share this image with you. (note: this is a composite image the bus and background are two separate images) I did this as soon as I got home from PSW Orlando. I composited this image in response to the Boston

Marathon bombings. I was thinking about the attacks all week, when I got home I sat down at my computer and looked through some old images. I found this old bus, a shot I took in Jerome, Arizona a couple years ago. When I took the picture I liked it, but never processed it out, I do that with lots of images, I wait until they have a purpose. It was very clear to me that this image had a purpose now. That’s what I really love about working on images like this one, Mickey’s Diner, Creative Baby Birth and just about any image I work on is the road they lead you down. I have thousands of images and I look at them them on a regular basis and suddenly one will jump out at me. I’ll open it up and it will just talk to me and guide me to where it needs to be. Before I know it (or several hours or days later) I’m looking at a pretty cool composite image or photo illustration.

NAPP and PSW keeps feeding me those little golden nuggets of inspiration and tricks that allow me to push my images and myself to the next level every day.

As for my future, who knows. I really want to concentrate on photo montage, I am working on more collaborations and doing more of the type of images I want to focus on. I want to mix photo with creative use of brushes, and creative techniques I learned over the years to create composites like the ones that won me the guru awards. I enjoy collaborating with photographers and creative directors and am always open to more projects. Feel free to contact me at

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