So earlier this week we had Peter Hurley in the office and when I showed up in the office I was hit with an impromptu project. Which can happen around here. They wanted to create a movie poster image for Peter to based on the classic movie National Lampoon’s Vacation starring Chevy Chase. The original poster art was painted by Boris Vallejo to have that romance novel feel to it. I thought this would be a fun project if we could get the lighting right. So RC went in the studio and set up the lighting and we had Peter and then recruited to other people in the office. We asked our resident B&H Product review onscreen talent Mia McCormick and Brandon Ford who is one of our video producers. Once we had the shot I took it into Photoshop and cut loose. The catch was I only allowed myself 2 hours to work on it. Hey, I had other work to do! Anyway I managed to finish in just over 90 minutes. Here is a fun time-lapse of the project with a little musical homage to the classic film. Be sure to check back next week for the full multi-part tutorial, in real time, next week right here at the NAPP members home page.

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