We’re kicking off 2013 with some great images and a guest judge named Brad Moore. So let’s jump right in…

This week’s winner isn’t even a photograph. It’s a beautiful design by arynberg called 29757_410385362120_1401973_n.jpg. Brad and I both like it because of the minimalist design that conveys so much more than just a person. There’s a story there and the emotion comes through. With a gifted artist like this it’s not surprising that the colors and the composition are great too. Inspiring art!

Evelyn Murphy created what Brad calls a well done portrait with her high contrast black and white called Veiled. It’s strong because there’s such a strong contrast yet the lighting and subject is especially soft. Brad says that it’s not overly sexual but it’s has a nice balance. The light and gesture is really nice.

phatpuppyart wows us again this week with her moody and dark composite image called Shall Not Prevail. Brad likes the composition, lighting, desaturation and how the image conveys a story. Another winner from a great portfolio!

VMPHOTO has found another beautiful subject and again shows his impressive lighting and photography skills with the simple headshot entitled Goodbye….. Brad first said that the image was striking and made him stop and look. After studying it for a while he saw all the technical things he liked. Things like hair, makeup, even the sepia post processing. But the fact that these came after the initial impact of the image speaks to the craft of photography that captured the image in the first place. Nice work (again).

Christine Moody has returned to the featured image collection with her image of a young boy called little dude. Brad said that you normally expect photos of kids to be the stereotypical child playing and this one breaks the rules by telling a different story. It goes beyond ‘cute kid’ to “stunning.” The post processing compliments the well lit and captured image and the slight desaturation adds to the image as well.

Well 2013 is off to a solid start! Nice work folks. Tune in again next week for a fresh dose of inspiration plucked from the pages of NAPP member portfolios.

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