This week we had a mystery judge in our office and I can’t reveal his or her name, but I assure you, this person is absolutely qualified to be a judge. You’re welcome to guess who it is, but I’ll never tell. ;-) So while the judge is a mystery, this week’s winners aren’t. They begin with…

A beautiful composite image from phatpuppyart. We’ve seen numerous underwater photos and some are quite impressive. The piece Topsy Turvy could be an under water image or just have the characteristics of an under water pic, but the blending of the dandelions on the ground gives the image an impossible, dreamlike quality. Each of the separate image elements is well lit and captured, and the composite blending makes them all fit together beautifully.

Ashley Benton brings us a beautiful, colorful night time long exposure called DC lights. The image works so well because of everything going on, and because of some of the unexpected colors in this night scene. The wide angle composition works well and the details blended with the soft focus glow of various lights makes it interesting enough to look at for quite a while.

Just in time for winter Troy Hoskins brings us a beautiful staged portrait of an ice queen entitled Frore. The color scheme works beautifully with the eye color and the cool tone of the image. And the crisp face detail and soft focus elsewhere makes you focus on what’s most important. This high key image is beautifully lit and well crafted.

When you’re looking at these images you should always click on each one so you can see it in the largest possible window of your browser and it’s especially important with this panorama from Cliff Montgomery entitled Charles Bridge.jpg. The blues of the smooth water and the soft textured sky contrast with the warm glowing light in the middle of the image, but the real quality of the image becomes apparent when you enlarge the image and look at the detail of the architecture. The composition is nice and the image is worthy of a frame and an elegant wall.

Night portraits with background bokeh are a great formula and Violinist 2 by Darren Elias is a perfect case study! The light on the model, the background light color and texture, and even the soft light on the violin, combine with a great composition for a portrait that should thrill the subject and her entire family. This is a portfolio-worthy image and I’m certain showing it to prospective clients will secure a good book of portrait business for Mr Elias.

A special thanks to our mystery judge and of course a huge thanks to our amazing NAPP members. This week was great!

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