It’s really cool working here at NAPP for lots of reasons, including all the great folks who walk through our doors. Sure, the Photoshop Guys all work here, but I’m talking about cool folks like world-renowned photographer and trainer, Frank Doorhof. I have LOVED learning photography from him at Kelby Training, at Photoshop World, etc. and he was here today, so I invited him as our guest judge.

Topping the list this week is the comp called Tough Chicken from Jose Luis Santana. Frank described the image as simply, “Perfection.” He said that the image was fantastic retouching, technical accuracy, etc. but he really liked how this was not only a great image but it made him laugh, and that was the bonus that made it a winner. Frank loves images that tell a story and this one was a funny story.

The image cookiesy by bhagen was another winner because of the story and technical perfection. Frank pointed out how this was obviously composed and shot all at once but it was still perfect. He liked the balance of the deep red on the left and right with the cookie jar also dark red. He liked the soft focus on the mom and the sharp kids and cookies, and again he loved the funny story the image tells.

The image Flair by Phyllis Burchette made Frank say Wow! He loved the details , the sharpness, the post processing, the flow of the main hair, but above all Frank was impressed by the composition.

This week Frank selected two images from one artist. His name is Marco Ribbe and the first Editors Choice winner was Daisy Meadows. This beautiful image was, in Frank’s words, “Awesome!” He said he loved the leading lines. He loved the light on the chin. He loved the depth of field. He said he liked how the cloud looked like a nuclear explosion was coming out of her knee. He actually said that the only thing he might change slightly was the pose so the viewer could see both feet, but he admitted that he was just being nit-picky. I told him I liked the pose and that he was wrong, but who am I kidding? I’m just Larry Becker and he’s Frank Doorhof! ;-)

The final Editors Choice winner this week was Marco Ribbe’s image steampunk_airship_final. This image got such high honors because of the ‘wonderful pose and leading lines.’ Frank said, “You see how there’s this beautiful curve in the image from her feet up to her head and how that curve of the model follows around the balloon? That’s just perfect. You know, some photographers would have the model tilt her head the other way, but this was the right decision. I love this image.”

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to have Frank as our guest judge! As we went through images he was actually teaching me about how he sees the images and I learned from him in just that few minutes of guest judging.

Thanks to all our members who uploaded images this week. There was a great collection! Thanks to Frank Doorhof, our guest judge. And congratulations to this week’s big winners!! See you next week!

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