This week Tim Wallace has been in our offices and it might just be coincidence, but it seems like I was drawn a bit more to the black and white images in this week’s final judging pool. Yet in spite of the fact that the image of the week is a high key black and white, there’s still a good splash of color in the mix this time around, including a very painterly work of art.

This week’s image of the week is a high key black and white image from Maria Demartino called My sister :-) , that’s both a fashion and personality portrait. The pose is great and the pure white environment gives the viewer nothing but the subject to consider. I like the serious expression coupled with the casual pose. I love the highlight sheen of the studio lighting along the dark pants. The model’s eyes are perfect. They’re dark but still well lit enough that you see depth. I really like that the title reveals that the model is the sister of the photographer. And overall, the strong contrast just makes this image a true winner.

NAPP member sterlinglanier brings us a black and white wedding image called bride at church bw 2010.jpg. While the formal setting and wedding event suggests that this is a planned wedding photo, the composition and distant vantage point allows the viewer to feel like a witness to a wonderful moment without feeling like things are “posed.” There’s even more personality to the image because of the little girl and older gentleman taking snapshots while the professional photographer isn’t shooting at the moment. With the thousands upon thousands of wedding photos captured any given week, this one stands out because of the charm.

j. Michael Hill brings us an interesting shot of a sculpture sitting on some steps called alien_on_steps.jpg. Obviously the subject is unique, but all the choices made from the angle of capture, to the vignette and sharpening to amplify texture, all come together to make for an interesting composition. It takes so much more than just seeing and snapping an interesting or cute doorstop puppet. There’s a lot of thought that comes through in this image and it helps the viewer enjoy the scene.

Dave Wright brings us a beautiful duotone image called Solomons Harbor. It captures light through the mist and calm morning waters. This is one of those images where you think you know what it looks like, and then when you click on it and see it large, it makes you say, “wow.” The sharp, fine details contrast against the soft mist and the bright highlights contrast with the hard, dark shadows while maintaining a great deal of detail in the midtones.

Using Painter, Photoshop, and a nice set of artistic skills, Kari Nanstad did a great job of converting an interesting scene into a digital painting called The Boat House. The techniques used amplify some detail while muting unneeded details like the sky. The composition is nice and the bright area in the center is textbook beautiful lighting.

I never stop being amazed at how great our member portfolios are. Wonderful work!

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