So with all the Cyber Monday madness going around, I thought I would give away something that I hope you find useful. I made a chart of all the brushes and their default stroke characteristics for CS5 or 6… I can’t remember which :D So I went in today and checked to see if they still matched up and only the default brushes section is missing a few for Photoshop CC. I also added Natural Brushes and Natural Brushes 2 to the chart. Either they weren’t there before or I just misplaced them previously…but now they are there. A couple of things like Square Brushes got skipped due to the obviousness of those brushes and I should have killed Round Brushes for the same reason, but I had already made it so it survived. This chart it is for you to do whatever you would like, and hopefully find it useful in creating a quick reference guide to know which brushes you may want to load from the extra presets in the drop down settings. Enjoy!

Just simply click on the image/chart and when the larger image appears Right Click and Save As.

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