This week had a plethora of great images and ideas… I started to use the word cornucopia but then I didn’t know how to spell it so I switched to plethora… only to find out spell check could have bailed me out. :D But I digress. Top billing goes to Peter Hernandez as much as I didn’t want to, since he also had image of the week, but it should be no surprise that he is good at compositing upon seeing his other images. It was a tough call because I really liked Greg Anthony’s a lot and was convinced early on that his image was going to be tough to beat, but a couple of nit-picky perspective issues on his image pushed me over to Peter. So congrats and welcome Peter.

The image that Peter created is crisp and dynamic. I love the lighting and the drama of the image from a couple of simple elements. Great blurring of the propellor to convey motion and working the lights and the lighting to create the mood is spot on. (Pun intended… sorry) The lighting of the city and the dramatic under-lighting of the plane carry the day. In order to make the propellor spin, he had to clone out the stationary one and make the engine look whole and then rotate and blur it with the right perspective… well done. Oh, and welcome to the Challenge! :D

Greg Anthony keeps delivering great stuff so I know he can handle me being a little picky on him. The overall image is phenomenal with so many great elements, the time and thought that went into finding all the images of the plane and all of the extra elements gets a big kudo’s from me. I love the idea of making the large model a smaller model with all of the extra parts. My nit-picky eye gets hung up on the bubble level and the edge of the box at the bottle of glue being slightly out of perspective. The more parts you include in an image the more opportunities you have to just be off a hair. But, like I said… I am having to find problems with Greg’s stuff just to keep him humble. :D Great work Greg!

360Kim360 aka Kim… gives us a great counterpoint to Greg’s image. Greg’s is about getting all the pieces to work, whereas Kim’s is about how the image makes me feel. The dream-like quality and kid-like wonder of this image belongs in a storybook. There are wonderful parts to this including the composition and the curving diagonal lines, but the most important part of this is it makes us want to be part of the image flying out there with our toy plane. The coloring, depth of feel and expression all help to create a really marvelous mood. Way to go Kim!

Amy Murphy wins the surreal award for her image this week. This image has a unique flavor to it that captures your attention and makes you want to investigate what is going on further. I really like the black and white treatment and framing it in the photo edging. I could almost imagine this being an image that you would find walking down the boardwalk of Coney Island in the 50′s… if that makes sense. It just has a fun mood to it. Well done.

Terry Coker brings a little art to the competition and lets it fly. (You know I have been trying to behave, but I needed another pun-fix.) I choose Terry’s image for its creativity and mostly for its “happy clouds.” Well done incorporating the NAPP logo into the paint and I love the blending of photo and painting together. Couple of quick things for you Terry… I would crop the top dark area almost completely out… you don’t need to show the whole clip up there… I would really like the entire image to be moved up slightly so that the paint tubes aren’t hugging the bottom edge. I would love to see the plane faded just a touch more into the painting as well so that it would seem to be “in process” and drawing us further into the image. (I hope that makes sense.) I really like the idea Terry… Great job!

Ok, so a couple of quick tips for a few other folks…in rapid no fluff writing…but understand if I am including you that I like your image, just needs some tweaks to make it better.

Don Mace… fun idea… watch the shadows… the city is shot during an overcast day and your shadows are from a different angle and a different lighting… especially on the building. Also the propellor spin is good, but the engine needs to stay still. Finally look at the depth of field… King Kong is a different sharpness than the plane, and I would probably make the city less sharp to draw the eye more to the plane. Nice clouds!

Helen James… Great idea and well done. I just wanted to tell you to keep at it! :D

Icecyc!… love the idea, just wish you had brought us closer to the action… as if you cropped into see only part of the plane and propellor and focused mainly on the wing and the repair, since that is where the action and story is. PS…Duct tape rules!

Tkinkead… Another wonderful idea… but the middle distance between the two main parts distracts… my eye keeps going to the oval with the bright spot as if that is part of the story… I would cut out a section of the middle and try to get a little closer to the action. Perhaps soften up the shadow of the plane a bit too… it is standing out from the scene a little bit.

Sherrie Stambaugh… Super fun image… The only thing that held this back from being in the top is the depth of field of all the elements. The cat is to soft and the mice have different levels of sharpness when compared to the jacket, and the plane’s tail is too crisp so it fights with the background. But that may just be my felines… (yes, I know I need counseling… I think is comes from hanging around Larry Becker too much.)

Need your imput:
Ok, so I have gotten feedback from a couple of folks about liking me write up my thoughts versus doing a video. I would love to get more feedback as to what you like. Here is how it goes. Typing I can take time and craft my thoughts, but it takes longer and I can only highlight a few images, and mostly say great job etc… Where as with a video I can talk more and give more hands on critiques of more images… the down side it that the video takes longer to encode and process on this end and then you have to be able to have time to watch it. So I just wanted to see what you folks thought and wanted and I will try to accommodate what is best.

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