Welcome to a new season of Photoshop Fun!
This is the same Photoshop Fun Contest as before, just with a slightly new look… and by that I mean, I changed the name and the main image for any new folks coming over from Kelby Training. :D

Here are the rules!
One entry per person. You must use at least one image given to you by me in your design… some weeks I will give you one image, and other times I will provide multiple images for you to choose from.
Only use images that you have the rights to. This means public domain imagery from sites like NASA, or stock imagery from free stock sites or images that you have purchased, or any images that you have taken yourself. Do not just grab images off of the internet to use. Be good stewards of other folks’ imagery. When in doubt ask the owner for permission.
Creativity and attention to detail will win the day. Think of ways to create an image that will surprise, astound or just bring a smile to our faces. Tell a story and have a purpose behind your creations… even if sometimes that purpose is just to have fun… with no deep meaning. This is not a contest to cram as many element together as possible, but rather a way to hone our skills as digital artists and have fun while being challenged to take our images to the next level.
This is a place to experiment and learn… we are all on this journey. Along the way you will pick up tips, ideas and if nothing else some free stock images from me. :D
The contest will run from Monday to Monday. I will attempt to get each week’s contest up first thing each Monday morning, but that will depend on schedule and craziness in the office. As soon as the new contest gets posted that will close out the previous contest so just think of any delay in posting on Monday as a chance to add a little extra polish to your image. When you are happy with your image simply post it to your portfolio and then include the URL link in the comment section. (The URL is the long list of stuff at the top of the your images’s page that should look something like this… http://members.photoshopuser.com/petecollins/photos/picture/98652/ ) The winners will receive eternal fame and glory and that is about it. However, I have been known to be sneaky and throw in a prize or two if someone is able to knock my socks off… so bear that in mind. Now that is enough chatter from me… here is this weeks image. Simply click on the image and then right click to “Save As” and you should be able to save it where you can then start playing with it.


Me being an immature kid in a grown up body, I thought I would “Moon” you :D So let’s see what kind of trouble you folks can get into with this. Any images I give you to play with, you are free to keep and use for anything in the future, just don’t sell them as your own… or if you do… then give me half. :D Now have fun and remember the deadline is next Monday morning.

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