Ok, so this one should give you plenty of options to play with. This is the background to a drawing I did a while back and I think it has lots of potential. You could get rid of the tree and just use the texture/background or remove the tree and use it on another image… completely up to you.

All the same rules apply… only use images that you have the rights to, including any past images that I have given you in the past contests and places like NASA or other government sites. You can also find great images for purchase at places like Fotolia.com or Istockphoto.com if you want to go in that direction. To download the Lizard image, just click on the thumbnail and then Right-click and “Save Image As” wherever you want to store the image. No rules as far as what you can create, but the emphasis should be on creativity and great technical execution. Feel free to check out my class about Compositing here on the full-length classes part of the site.


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