Okay, so this is the last contest of the year and it also the 20th episode… round… thing… whatever. So I thought it would be a great time to give a little more incentive to this one. I am going to give away three (3) one year memberships to the top three finalists for this contest. To make it more exciting, I am giving you more time… this contest will run from today until the 2nd of January. (For those of you who are pretty savvy, you may be able to figure out those dates correspond with when I will be out of the office… which may or may not be a coincidence. :D) When I return from holiday, I will pull together a distinguished panel of judges… (basically anyone I can bribe or blackmail) and choose the top three images.

I decided to bring back an image from the second contest since it had such great potential and I wanted to see how many of you have progressed since then. You will notice that the image is completely new… I dragged the case back out onto the floor and took a new shot of it. I also am giving it to you in its largest size to give you more pixels to play with.To download the starter image, simply click on it and then Right-click and “Save-as” where you want to keep it.


If you are already a member just

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