This week I took a little stroll around the NAPP offices to grab some images to use… you may recognize a few items… such at the guitar and the Photoshop User TV set fuse boxes. I have given you an eclectic group of images and you don’t have to use them all, you only have to use one of them… it is up to you. Think creatively and think artistically as far as what kind of composition and impact the final image has. Pay attention to how the pieces go together, especially the edges of the objects… make sure you have clean selections and they fit in the depth of field of the scene. Use only imagery that you have the rights to… including past contest images which you are free to have and do with as you will, since I took all of the images. To save these images and any of the other posted images, just click on the image and right click one the larger version and choose “Save image as” and tell the computer where to save it. Have fun and be creative… deadline is 12AM Eastern Monday the 23rd.


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