Often times when I start experimenting with Photoshop I may have a particular effect in mind and sometimes I will dive right in with a completely open mind and a blank document. I had mentioned in a tutorial post a couple weeks ago how I will often start a project that has no real purpose, merely a vehicle to go on a creative journey. This is the seed of an idea that is planted in my mind and the experimentation and playing around is the water that cultivates that seed into a new idea and then that idea can take you to another idea. As in the image above where I started with a simple shot and built a world around it having no plan in place, it just materialized on its own. Whenever I meet designers that say they are stuck in a creative rut I simply tell them they need to prime the pump. Start playing around with no real agenda and you will start to see an idea come to life right before your very eyes. Now there are those times when you plant the seed and nothing grows. This is inevitable! Sometimes the journey can take you down a dead end road where ideas can fall flat! Do not be discouraged. When this happens there is one thing I always do, walk away! No, I am not saying you should quit but just leave it alone for a few hours or even a day or two and revisit it. You may notice something you didn’t before when in a different state of mind.

Being creative is not always that eureka moment that pops in your head, although it is great when that happens. Sometimes we have to go and look for that moment. Sometimes through many layers of frustration but the rewards are great because in the end you will have perhaps created something the world has never seen. Whether you are a looking through the lens or at a computer screen these moments are there and there are plenty. The trick is not always to come up with a good idea, but also knowing where and how to find it.

With that I present a challenge to those of you who will dare. I have here a psd  layered document of a movie poster design concept that I would like you to download and use this as a seed of an idea. Give yourself a time limit of no more than two hours to see what you can make of this early concept I have started. No rules except to keep it tasteful and friendly to audiences of all ages. Other than that, go nuts! When you are done upload it to your NAPP member portfolio and post a link to it here in the comments section. It will be interesting to see where so many different modes of thinking will go if they start at the same place. No pressure, just play! I have provided it as a layered file so you can choose to use or not use what I have already added but be sure to add your own flavor. Consider the color, composition, other visual elements that will take somewhere interesting. Constantly ask yourself what can make this image even cooler!

Click HERE to download the layered version of this file!

(Oh and if you pull off something really cool I have a signed copy of my book here for you!)

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