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Brian Rodgers

Member spotlight: Brian Rodgers Jr.

Last week I picked Brian Rodgers Jr. to be one of my picks for image of the week. He has been there before and he consistently produces excellent work. Well after that pick Brian sent me a time-lapse video of a personal project he worked on and I thought it was worthwhile to pass it…

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Guru Award Winner: Karin Dailey

  Karin Dailey, congrats on winning the Guru award! Tell me a little bit about yourself. (job, background, likes, hobbies, etc… take the opportunity to let folks know who you are) I synthesized DNA for a biotech company for 8 years and at some point along the way, picked up a camera. I got started…

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The Shabang Movie Poster with Peter Hurley!

Peter Hurley was visiting us here at the Kelby Training Studios today and walked in with a cool customized Easy button that said “Shabang!” .  We were sitting there thinking it would be cool to have Peter in a form of a movie poster.  A few minutes afterwards, our coworkers Mia and Brandon volunteered to…

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Playing with the Wacom Cintiq

You guys know I love the whole line of Wacom products… but here is a video demonstrating why I love it. I start out with a blank canvas… and then make one random mark on it and then like a jazz musician, I let the image emerge. The ability to freehand draw but also have the ability to warp, change, distort and add other elements makes me feel like there are no limits. So I am know back to feeling like when I was a kid and had a bunch of crayons and no limits… it really is a tool that breaks down barriers to creativity… oh and it will make you faster too… but that is just a bonus! I am not getting paid by Wacom to say this, but I think these are some of the greatest devices out on the market for helping you do things better and faster. I hope you enjoy this… just a random journey through my brain and out onto the Cintiq 22HD.

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A Key Step To Becoming A Better Photographer (or Photoshop User) In 2013

Hey NAPP members! I wrote this on my blog the other week and I got a great response from it so I figured I’d share it with you here in case you missed it (I know how many NAPP members we have and I know my blog traffic, so I know most of you didn’t…

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Random invasion of Corey’s office

Hey guys, I thought you would enjoy a slightly random video look into the world of Corey. This video has no real agenda aside from letting you see what kind of environment he/ we work in. If you like this one… I took some more footage around the office and studios that I can post. This was shot with my Iphone 4, so don’t think that I will be winning any awards for cinematography. :D Have a great day!

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Inspired by circumstances

  Hey guys it is Pete… Been kind of an interesting week… Cyber Monday was awesome in regards to how many people wanted to buy and renew memberships… the downside is we had some hiccups and apologize for any inconvenience that it caused you. At the same time I wanted to share with you something…

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Blank vintage postcard

Don’t forget…

As we get older… and believe me, I am feeling it more and more each day… we lose that sense of wonder and joy we had as a kid. Playing is some of the best ways to learn and relieve stress, not to mention plug into our creative cortex and discover new things about the…

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Masai Lioness

Interview with Disney Animator, Aaron Blaise

So today I want to introduce you to an extremely talented individual. Aaron Blaise is a 20 year veteran of Disney feature animation working on such films as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King among others. He also co-directed Brother Bear which was honored with an Oscar nomination in 2004. He is…

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Photo Tips for Pumpkin Picking This Season

Hey everyone.. RC here.. Was talking with Pete earlier this week on a post I had made on my website. I gave a series of tips on how to make images of children during this pumpkin picking season. He thought it was a cool enough idea to share here. Figured I would. Enjoy! My Daughter…

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The Seed of an Idea by Corey Barker

Often times when I start experimenting with Photoshop I may have a particular effect in mind and sometimes I will dive right in with a completely open mind and a blank document. I had mentioned in a tutorial post a couple weeks ago how I will often start a project that has no real purpose,…

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It’s who you know…

  This is a picture of some of the folks that took part in my photowalk in Birmingham, Alabama. I had not been back to Birmingham since I left to come work for Scott and the gang 16 months ago. Looking at this picture I am reminded of something important… and it was brought about…

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