November 2010 Webcast: “Mastering Layers in CS5” with Matt Kloskowski and Larry Becker

Matt Kloskowski and Larry Becker launch Matt’s new book, Mastering Layers in CS5. Most Photoshop projects begin with layers. Matt takes the guesswork out of how to work with and manage multiple layers. Did you know there are 25+ layer modes but only a handful you really need to know? Matt shows you just which ones in this informative and time-saving webcast.

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Simulating a No. 87 Infrared Filter

This technique is written for Photoshop CS5, but can easily be accomplished in prior versions. A No. 87 infrared filter is a relatively inexpensive way to begin exploring the world of color infrared. This filter absorbs all visible light and transmits only the infrared part of the spectrum. As a result, exposure times are extremely…

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Bullets and Text

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3D Stars

Using Photoshop CS5 Extended simulate an array of falling stars using a single shape layer combined with the 3D Repousse feature. Step One: Create New Document Preset With Photoshop open to the File > New menu command and at the prompt create a new document preset of your choice. I opted for 550×550 as captured…

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Creative Sharpening with the CS5 Sharpen Tool

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Leather Texture on KT Interface

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Backlit Fix

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