Disorienting Perspective Effect

This technique is written for Photoshop CS5, but can easily be accomplished in prior versions. One of the promotional posters for the motion picture film “Inception” features an urban street scene that recedes into the distance. Just as the street reaches the horizon, it changes perspective and suddenly becomes an aerial view. The surprising perspective…

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Pixel Bender

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Gritty Texture Effect

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Adding 3D Objects to Photos

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Tightening Layer Masks

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3D Bevel Type

Using Photoshop CS5 Extended create bevelled type with ease using the new 3D Repousse Tool. Unlike Blending Options, Bevel and Emboss, this new feature is much easier and has the added 3D surface plane to work on. Step One: Create a New Document With Photoshop open go to the File > New menu command and…

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Layer Style Image Effects

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Stealing Layer Masks

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