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Small But Mighty

A number of small but important changes in Photoshop CS5. Changes in the workspace menu, brushes, eye drop tool(color picker), editing type layers, zooming, crop tool, ruler tool, preferences, shadows and highlights, and stroke.

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CS5 Live Webinar (Day 1, Part 2)

*Special offers and promos announced on “live” webcasts are not available during replays of the webcasts.

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CS5 Live Webinar (Day 1, Part 1 HD)

*Special offers and promos announced on “live” webcasts are not available during replays of the webcasts.

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Text Face 2

Inserting text onto a face by using type layers, filters, and masks. Also by combining layers into a Smart Object.

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Smart Object Knockout

A tutorial on cutting out(knocking out) text by using Smart Objects.Applying filters to the Smart Object to edit the knockout.

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The Cheetah Stand

The company CheetahStand got its start by creating an improved version of the KwikStand. It’s a lightweight, self-deploying stand, intended for speedlights. Since then they have released a sturdier 12 foot CheetahStand and a 12′ air cushioned stand.

They now offer an exclusive NAPP-only discount…

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Journeys Unforgettable

Take Your Equipment On A Real Adventure!

Journeys Unforgettable offers unique Tailor-Made Safaris, customized specifically for your interests and budget, and also specializes in Photography Workshops to WILD AFRICA. On our photographic workshops, you will join world renowned professional photographers and specialist guides who offer instructional daily field and classroom exercises for all skill levels that maximize your learning and enhance this incredible journey. Journeys Unforgettable Special Guest Instructors have included amongst others: George Lepp, Ben Willmore, Lou Jones, Pete McBride, Dana Allen, David Cardinal, and Ron Magill.

As a member of NAPP, you will be given an exclusive $500 discount after paying a deposit on any agreed trip…

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Hertz is now offering special rates to NAPP members, and a generous complimentary membership in Hertz #1 Club Gold® and much more!

Essentially we have created a corporate account within their Business Account Program which allows all of our association members to benefit from available discounts and free membership in their special services program called Hertz #1 Club Gold..

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