Quick High-Key Portrait

I’ve had several nice folks email me asking how they can create a portrait effect called high-key. It’s a trick photographers and videographers use when they aim a ton of high-powered lights at their subject (victim) in order to produce really high contrast. The face of the subject is super overexposed, which leaves you looking…

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Printing to the R2880 from Photoshop

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Printing to the R2880 from Lightroom

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Scalable Graphics

How to create a graphic that can be properly scaled to different sizes  

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Digital Grafting

For basic retouching tasks, such as removing power lines or eliminating smile lines, a combination of the Patch tool and the Clone Stamp usually gets the trick done.

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Punch Through

Creating a 3D effect using custom created shapes and gradients  

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Fire Text

How to create a flame effect on your text using the warp tool and other filter effects  

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Animated Water Drops

The follow-up to a Photoshop in Motion class from Photoshop World. A tutorial on how to make animated water droplets using layer styles, animation, and filters.

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