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Pixel Bender Painting

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Word Clouds

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Recovering Blown HDR Highlights

This technique is written for Photomatix 3.2.9 and Photoshop CS5, but can easily be accomplished in prior versions. Tone mapping with Photomatix Pro’s Details Enhancer module can be both gratifying and frustrating. It’s such a thrill to see details and tones that even your eye didn’t perceive “pop” from the scene. Unfortunately, the harder you…

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Exporting Images from Bridge CS5

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Puppet Warp Text

To watch Cool Image Tricks, click here

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Developing an Instant Portrait

This technique is written for Photoshop CS5, but can easily be accomplished in prior versions. While surfing the iStockPhoto website, I stumbled across a striking portrait effect that electrified my creative juices. The photographer/designer captured a model holding a Polaroid instant film sheet so that it partially obscured his face. Using Photoshop, he then covered…

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Freezing with Liquify

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